1. Know Your Contract, Know Your Rights Next Week!

  2. We have a grade-in on October 17th. It’s time to continue our campaign for visibility, living wages and better learning conditions.

  3. Congrats! We have a contract!


  4. "As graduate students, undergraduates, adjuncts, and others grapple with increasingly precarious conditions, unions will become a major force in shaping the future of the university…Armed with the UC precedent, frustrated graduate students across the country can think creatively about how to meet their needs as educators. Instead of arguing about ballooning class sizes at interminable department meetings, they might take their demands to the picket line.”


  5. "The longer it goes on, specifically the closer it gets to the end of a semester, the more anxiety it creates in the administrative offices as they are assaulted by complaints from students and, even better, students’ parents, who do not generally regard missed classes as “days off.” Ultimately, the experience taught us the cold, hard truth that in the short term, what the employer is really paying us for isn’t educating, it’s grading. As such, we called this action ‘Marking for Education – Not Administration’.”


  6. GSEU Letter of Support for Saint Rose Adjuncts in Albany, NY

    Dear Adjuncts of Saint Rose and Greater Capital Region Albany Community,

    I write on behalf of the members of the Graduate Student Employees Union/CWA Local 1104 at the University at Albany in full support of the recent efforts of adjuncts at The College of Saint Rose to form a Union in cooperation with SEIU and Adjunct Action. It is not only the right of these educators to form a union but it is the duty of the administration at St. Rose to establish professional and formal protocols for communicating and negotiating with those who serve its student body, while remaining neutral throughout the election process.

    Though today many would have us believe that unions cause nothing but trouble in schools and universities, in fact, it is just the opposite. As educators and professionals, adjuncts suffer immense marginalization on the campus level which works against the very idea of the university itself which is revealing the unity and interconnectedness of knowledge, work, and social belonging. Teachers not only deserve better wages and spaces to have their grievances heard, but students and their families also deserve to know that those who have been tasked with educating and developing young minds are respected and fairly compensated on the campuses where they do their work.

    As peers and fellow educators, the members of GSEU/CWA 1104 stand in solidarity with those adjuncts that are taking an active role in ensuring the integrity of the vocation of the educator and the fair distribution of resources on St. Rose’s campus. Should any attempt be made to stifle or disrupt the right of these hardworking people to form a union, everyone can be sure that GSEU/CWA 1104 will be there to help hold St. Rose accountable.

    In Solidarity,

    James Searle 
    Business Agent, Albany
    GSEU/ CWA 1104

  7. The schedule for this May Day Week of Action to Combat Campus Crises. #ualbany

  8. GTAs and Adjuncts are United for better working and learning conditions! May Day is coming.


  9. "Adjuncts and low-wage workers have the potential to be some of our strongest allies in the struggle for campus equity as they are some of the most directly affected by the corporatization of the university, and solidarity between these members of the community and students is crucial to creating a more democratic and just university."

    David Fernandez, an organizer with UVM Students Stand Up.

    Awesome work students are doing in Vermont, building bridges and working in solidarity with low-wage workers at colleges across the state.

    (via 518labor)

  10. It’s time to bowl!